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Tebing Keraton & Dago Dream Park
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Tanggal Perjalanan : 14 July 2018 - 14 July 2018
Short URL : https://goo.gl/P4KUMk
Tempat Berkumpul : Plaza Semanggi
Kuota : Available 9 Person
Harga Normal : Rp 300,000
Harga Promo : Rp 275,000 *Minimal Peserta : 5 Orang
Jumlah Peserta :
Harga Dasar  : Rp. 300,000/pax
Harga Promo : Rp. 275,000/pax*
Harga Termasuk :
+  Transport Elf Jakarta-Bandung PP
+ Driver, Toll, BBm & Parkir
+ Perijinan & tiket masuk wisata
+ Tour Wisata & Snack
+ Merchandise
+ Donasi #Kili2DayCare
+ Crew Kili Kili Adventure
+ Dokumentasi
Harga Pengecualian:
-  Pengeluaran pribadi (Non Fasilitas)                                     
-  Tips Crew/ Guide/ Driver
-  Wahana di Dago Dream Park
* Harga promo berlaku minimal pembelian 5pax
* Dengan membeli paket tour ini, Anda sudah berpartisipasi (donasi) dalam program sosial kami (Kili2Daycare) untuk diteruskan kepada saudara-saudara kita yang membutuhkan
* Kuota minimal peserta trip ini berjumlah 13 orang
Durasi Trip - 1H :
05.00 = Meeting point at Plaza Semanggi
05.30 = Go to Bandung
09.30 = Tiba di Tebing Kraton, Explore dan foto2.
11.00 = Go to & Explore Dago Dream Park
12.30 = SHOMAI (Sholat, Makan-exclude & Istirahat)
15.00 = Silaturahmi ala Kili Kili Adventure (Modus Time)
16.00 = Go to Jakarta, Mampir oleh2 (optional-exclude)
21.00 = Estimasi tiba di Semanggi & Trip Selesai "Berangkat Gak Kenal, Pulang Jadi Saudara"

*) Itinerary sewaktu2 dapat berubah sesuai dengan kondisi perjalanan
  1. Booking a trip can only be done by members registered on the website.
  2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. After making payment Down Payment (DP) please immediately make payment confirmation by clicking menu confirmation payment.
  4. Payment repayment is done maximum 7 days before trip departure schedule.
  5. DP shall be deemed forfeited if the deadline of repayment has not yet paid off the payment.
  6. Failure to leave for trips due to quota seat / product stocks out due to late payment confirmation through the website, not the responsibility of Kili Kili Adventure.
  7. Packages that have been purchased can not be returned or exchanged schedule (reschedule), but if the participant unable to attend can be replaced with other participants.
  8. This trip will run when collected minimum quota of participants.
  9. If the minimum quota is not achieved, for the sake of this trip still running, then the trip will be combined with non Kili Kili Adventure participants (Trip Consortium), without any price change.
  10. If after joining Non Kili Kili Adventure participants still have not reached the minimum quota, then the trip price will be adjusted / reschedule / refund.
  11. Notification of information, whether the trip will be held or cancel will be notified no later than 2 days before the trip departure schedule.
  12. Special trips with train / plane / Bus ticket facilities or otherwise, the provisions of points 7 & 10 are void, as well as non-refundable ticket operational fees.
  13. Changes in travel documents of Kili Kili Adventure participants will be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the parties concerned.
  14. Cancellation / trip changes due to Force Majeure (natural disaster, bad weather, riot, disease outbreak and other coercive conditions), then trip operational costs are not refundable.
  15. Participants who arrive late at the meeting point from the appointed time, then the participant is considered to have resigned and no refund of payment.
  16. Delayed return due to interruption in transportation, bad weather, and other things, the expense of lodging and meals or other forms of loss shall be borne by the Participant.
  17. Kili Kili Adventure Team not responsible if something happens that is not in want and beyond the ability of Kili Kili Adventure
  18. Participants are deemed to understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.
Warm Regard,
Kili Kili Adventure
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